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Teaser from Story Circle Book Reviews

Find the full review at Story Circle Book Reviews – here is a little excerpt. The second part of the book takes place in Durango, Colorado. It is here the characters mature and develop the depth that stays with the reader long after reading. They buy a run-down cabin with good structural bones; it is on the outskirts of the town. They develop a sense of family with their neighbors; it is like a small United Nations village with so many different countries of origin represented on their street. The work together and thrive; it is an American melting pot. Meanwhile her father and her half-sisters lose their restaurant, and suffer financial difficulties as they move with the Slovenian community to another part of the west, no more Americanized than when they first immigrated. I believe the main point of Longing for Homeā€”to truly find a home, it is necessary for immigrants to let go of their pasts and blend into their new lives in America.

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