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Other Works

In the Works

My next novel features Fiana who readers met as a child in ‘Longing for Home’. Fiana struggles to meet the incredible challenges of her childhood. She is not a super feminine child so I get to explore what it means to be a woman. She grows up to be a nurse in WWI. Her story allows me to explore my professional ancestry and honor the nurses who came before me.

Past Publications

Creativity and madnessWalking With Persephone: A Journey Toward Healing, In Creativity and Madness: Psychological Studies of Art and Artists (Vol 2), Barry M. Panter MD, PhD Ed (2009).
This chapter is a story of profound loss and resilience is illustrated with my original works of art. I invite the readers to walk along with me as I follow Persephone into hell and back out again. Available on Amazon Walking with Persephone

The art of griefThe Art of Survival pp. 260-268. In J. Earl Rogers (Ed.) The art of grief: The use of expressive arts in a grief support group. New York: Routledge (2007). This chapter is my not-so-public art. It includes the scribbles in scrap books to illustrate the way that I used creating art to survive the loss of my son. Available on Amazon The Art of Survival