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Why post a review of ‘Longing for Home’?

Now that ‘Longing for Home’ is finally out I’m looking for reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I know that reviewing a book takes a little work, so why should you bother?

There are so many books out now and so much choice for readers that it us difficult to get a book especially a first book, noticed. Reviews help move a book up in the suggestions for other readers. Reviews make a buzz so the book is more likely to be picked up by people who dont know me.

I’m new to this publishing game, so I did a hybrid deal. That means I put money into the game and so did the publisher. If my first book does really well then the publisher will take my second book. Also reviews might help me get away from so much marketing and let me work more on my next book.

So how do you post a review? On Amazon go to Longing for Home and click on the review button. You can rate with stars and post a sentence or two about the book.

On Goodreads go to Longing for Home and click on review this edition. Again you can rate it with stars and post a few sentences about the book.

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